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blogosphere-nottingham-therapy-vauna-beauvaisStating the obvious

Even before ‘Blog’ was picked as word of the year by Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2004, people have been enraptured by the blogosphere.

Blog, of course, is a shortened form of the word ‘weblog’ which does what it says on the tin – it is a log of web recordings.

Normally a blog is a written piece, with good photos, and the odd video popped in from time to time.  As each dated entry (post) is added, it sits above its predecessor, and so the weblog entries are displayed in reverse chronological order – just like all of the pages on this site that are accessed from the blue toolbar (the black toolbar pages are static pages, and are not blog-style pages)

Years ago, when I myself was one of the enraptured, I would be content with reading almost anything, because blogs were  all such a novelty, and there was little choice around. These days the coverage is of all subjects that you can think of,  and the scope is as broad and deep as the pacific ocean (probably).

Who knew?

People have taken to blogging like a duck to that massive body of water, and the activity of blogging has grown exponentially. People from all over the world, from all different socio-economic groups make blogs. So, what is the global fascination with blogging?

Blogging is so easy. There are really easy to use blog sites, that offer you a ready-made nice-looking blog template system, where you just type in your stuff and press publish, and its all for free! No Webmaster, no SEO, no hosting fees, nothing.

Anyone can create an online presence, and therefore can exist in cyberspace.

Why should your therapist or counsellor blog?

As an independent counselling and therapy professional, Blogging is great for me.

I can

Not only can I evolve and develop by  researching and writing this stuff, but also, I can learn from the comments that you provide – from my feedback from you.

Blogging allows me to connect with you in a way that a static site never could (and never did!).

I can demonstrate to you my individuality. Show you what I am like as a person. And, unlike the articles that you read here,  in my blog, I can show the fun and light-hearted side of myself.

When you have sessions with me, you will find that I am good at what I do, I take you seriously and I find out what needs to be done, and get down to it. But also, there is room for some real human relating, and that includes laughing sometimes (yes, even in counselling and psychotherapy – sometimes) . Not only do I want to share information with you, but I want to share a more whole view of me as a person. I hope you like it  :-)

What to do on a Friday afternoon…

debutanteWhat is the point of being beautiful if you never go outside?

I have decided that it might be worth popping my blog onto some excellent bloglisting sites, so that a few more people can see me.

I have listed them below:

blogarama - the blog directory

Living Well Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory  my blog

Top Blogs

 Directory of Psychology Blogs  Directory of Psychology Blogs

 Blog Directory

 Health blogs


Blog Directory

My Zimbio
KudoSurf Me!

 Blog Directory

Blog Search Engine!

Powered by WordPress - WordPress Blogs Directory

Quick blog directory

Blogs Directory - The internets fastest growing blog directory

You might do this with your own blog, too – feel free to use this list of blog directories.

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