Couples Counselling

couples counselling nottinghamDoes any of this sound like you?

  • We believe that we can’t live together
  • We just can’t live apart
  • One wants children but the other doesn’t
  • One partner seems to have trouble with close relationships
  • We are not communicating
  • My partner is being very unreasonable –its driving me crazy
  • We love each other but can’t stop rowing
  • We have different sexual needs
  • There is jealousy
  • The anger or violence is scary
  • My partner wants to split up
  • I just need to talk with someone present who will help me be understood
  • I don’t know whether I want to be in this relationship I want to work things out but it keeps going wrong

Problems that couples have

Communication problems are at the heart of most relationship difficulties. Without good communications there can be a build-up of negative emotions. And this can fuel a lot of arguing, blaming, avoiding each other, going outside of the relationship or feeling neglected or rejected because of a lack of intimacy.

couples counsellor nottinghamWhy Couple’s Counselling?

Couple’s Counselling is where you and your partner come in for sessions together to address issues regarding your relationship.

Most commonly couples decide to have counselling because they have poor communication, and may be arguing a lot, maybe violence or threats, or just coolness and avoidance – getting nowhere.

Couples counselling helps to restore open communication and to release the negative emotions that are getting in the way of sorting things out together.

You may want to resolve many everyday issues, such as family, money, leisure time, or to resolve issues about affairs or intimacy problems.

Benefits of Couples Counselling

coup-4At the end of Counselling Couples will be able to…

  • Listen to and understand more about each other
  • Communicate in an easier and more constructive way
  • Resolve conflicts without hurting each other
  • Negotiate difficult decisions
  • Get a solutions instead of going round and round in circles
  • Recover the love, respect and fun that has previously been enjoyed together

Could Counselling Save Your Relationship?

You may be a couple who are in distress, or you may be a couple who would benefit from expanding your ability to communicate and connect with one another. If you think that’s true, then you might want to think about having some sessions of Couples Counselling at Nottingham Therapy.

  • Couples usually need between 4 and 8 sessions.

You will need to confirm with your partner about coming to sessions before you make the appointment – or I can see one of the couple if your partner is unable to come right away.


relationship counsellor nottingham

In couples counselling you will learn to share your feelings, needs and wants but differently than before. You come to get your point of view heard and understood as well as really hearing and appropriately responding to your partner. You both develop your capacity to communicate authentically and you then have the means to deal with virtually any situation that arises between you.

Please get in touch if you are considering relationship therapy (couples counselling).

  • Do Email or call with any questions, or to make a booking.
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